I need some clarification..

Hi Brian, As a 1992 graduate of DTS, I would like a little clarification on what you wrote in your book A New King of Christian. Would you be so kind as to answer a few questions? 1. Do you believe the Bible contains the objective truth of the Gospel and that this truth must be known and believed to be saved? 2.Do you believe the Bible is our supreme authority for knowing what is true and what is false about God and His redemptive plan for mankind? 3.Do you believe a born-again Christian can be certain about his/her eternal destiny?

1. I don’t like to use the word “objective.” It’s not a Biblical word. I also find the word “known” problematic. Without knowing how you mean “know,” I wouldn’t know how to answer. I believe people are saved not by objective truth, but by Jesus. Their faith isn’t in their knowledge, but in God. I believe the Bible can make us wise to salvation. I hope that helps!

2.Do you mean the Bible without the guidance of the Holy Spirit? The Bible tells me that the Holy Spirit guides us into truth, so I would feel uncomfortable crediting the Bible with guiding us into truth to the exclusion of the Holy Spirit, since the Bible itself tells me this.

3. Yes. I also believe that born again Christians can be wrong, so their confidence should not be in their certainty, but in the grace of God