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Responses to Recent Criticisms

Dr. D. A. Carson has written a critical review of emergent, and of my work in particular. Dr. Al Mohler and others have praised and quoted Carson's book in reviews and articles of their own. Unfortunately, in a number of ways their reviews misrepresent and misjudge my writings, thinking, and beliefs - and those of my friends. A number of scholars are responding to these critiques.

For example, Dr. David Mills of Cedarville College wrote a response to the lectures on which the book was based.
You can read it here.

Ken Archer, a graduate student in philosophy at Catholic University of America, has written a charitable but substantive critique of Dr. Carson's book. You can read it at www.theologicalthought.com.

Ryan Bolger, a professor at Fuller Seminary, who also has written on the emerging church (with Dr. Eddie Gibbs, also of Fuller), recently blogged some thoughts about Carson's book.

A number of us who were named in the book have written a brief response which you can read here.

Also, Diana Butler Bass, author of THE PRACTICING CONGREGATION: IMAGINING A NEW OLD CHURCH (Alban Institute) answers questions about emergent.

Scot McKnight, religious studies professor at North Park University in Chicago comments about emergent.