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Brian's New Books & Audio Releases

Secret Message of Jesus is now available!

Download the Secret Message of Jesus study guide and bonus chapter here.

Four of Brian's books are now available as audiobooks:

1. See Christian Audio to buy MP3 and downloadable versions

2. The Secret Message of Jesus
3. Generous Orthodoxy
4. A New Kind of Christian
4. The Story We Find Ourselves In

Now available in soft cover: A Generous Orthodoxy and Adventures in Missing the Point.

The Trilogy of A New Kind of Christian available as a boxed set!

In 2007, Zondervan will be re-releasing a number of his books. Finding Faith will be released as two shorter books, revised and with a new introduction. More Ready Than You Realize and The Church on the Other Side will be re-released with updates and new cover art.

Dramatic Presentation of Story We Find Ourselves In