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Multimedia Clips Available

Curious about Brian's next book? You can watch videos of Brian describing the book and also watch excerpts of him reading from Everything Must Change.

Brian introduces the two questions that guide the book.

Video Clips of Readings from Everything Must Change

The first reading is from Chapter 1 of the book.

The second reading is from a chapter entitled Quick Bliss Through Footwear, Palate Grease, and Skin Paint.

Brian explains where the title of the book came from in this reading from chapter 3.

In a reading from Chapter 29, Brian asks A New Kind of Question.

Video for Brian's Song

There is also a video available of Brian's song entitled I am an atheist from his upcoming album, Songs for A Revolution of Hope.

Also, you can read a transcript of an interview with Brian in Precipice Magazine about his other new book, The Voice of Luke.

The Work of the People have three collections of Brian speaking about Justic, Power, & the Kingdom, The Worship Industry, and Jesus and the Kingdom. You can watch the streaming videos online or purchase the videos through their website.

There are more of Brian's podcasts, video clips, and music to experience here.