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Nearly all of Brian's presentations are available on slideshare.net. You can find them here.


Podcast Series: An Overview of the Bible

You can purchase Brian's Bible overview here on the site's store ...


Creation Care Liturgy

My friend John van de Laar in South Africa created this liturgy that he offered to make available to others. Thank God for the growing corps of creative liturgists who are helping us celebrate "a new kind of Christianity!"


Everything Must Change Study Guide

Here's a free study guide prepared by Alan Ward. Great questions for using EMC with your group or class! Download this comprehensive guide here.


Stages of Faith Powerpoint

Download: Stages of Faith Powerpoint

In A Search for What Makes Sense/Finding Faith, I outlined four stages of faith development. I tried to synthesize the major theorists on moral, intellectual, and faith development into a simple but comprehensive schema: simplicity, complexity, perplexity, and humility/harmony. These are the powerpoints to the talks I give on the subject. Someday I'd like to put this presentation into a dvd format for group use. We'll see....


Emerging Missional Church

Emerging Missional Church Powerpoint


National Pastor's Conference Powerpoint

Christian Faith as a Way of Life as presented at the National Pastor's Conference February, 2009.



Brian gave a plenary presentation at the Lambeth Conference 21 July, 2008. Although there is no transcript of the session, his notes and powerpoint slides are available.


Politics in Church? Sojourners Presentation

Here's the powerpoint presentation from my talk at Sojourners' Pentecost event in DC.

Click to download the file.


Everything Must Change PowerPoint Slides

The following are links to download or view the PowerPoint slides from Brian's sessions during the Everything Must Change Tour. They are posted on slideshare.net.

Feel free to adapt them or use them in ways that will be useful in your context!

Session 1: Waking up from a bad dream

Session 2: Which Jesus?

Session 3: How will the revolution happen?

Session 5-1: Living the dream: A revolution of hope!

Session 5-2 A and 5-2 B: Pictures from the Apartheid Museum

Final portion of Session 5