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To invite Brian to speak,

To invite Brian to speak, please contact laci.scott@gmail.com
This email address is for booking purposes only. If you have a question or comment for Brian, please direct those to info@brianmclaren.net.

If you would like to post a question or offer a comment about one of Brian's books, please click here. If possible, please keep your questions brief, and we will select a few to answer each month. See Dialogue for previous responses.

(We're sorry - Due to international travel, Brian's 2006 and 2007 schedules are full and closed for booking. Thank you)

Here are several popular presentations that Brian is available to give in one or more 45-minute sessions (followed by Q & A whenever possible):

Onramp to the Postmodern Conversation: 1 to 3 sessions
This presentation, which has been given in dozens of settings around the world, gives historical, philosophical, and theological background to the concepts of paradigm shift and postmodern transition - in a fast-paced, understandable, and highly visual way. 2 or 3 session recommended, with plenty of time for Q & A.

Beyond Absolutism, Pluralism, and Relativism: 2 to 3 sessions
Many people use terms like "absolute truth" and "objective knowledge" without understanding the social, historical, philosophical story behind them. This presentation explores positive ways to talk about Christian truth-claims, morality, and values in our current context - by understanding why secular and religious people think the way they do.

A Tale of Two Gospels: 1 session
This message contrasts what Dallas Willard has called "the gospel of sin management" with "the gospel of the kingdom." It presents a missional understanding of the gospel that has far-reaching transformative power for our churches and for individual Christians.

Spiritual Formation in the Emerging Culture: 1- 2 sessions
An excellent follow-up to "A Tale of Two Gospels," this presentation explores the idea of becoming "apprentices of Jesus." It presents disciple-making as the point of the Great Commission in a challenging and imaginative way.

Public Worship as Spiritual Formation: 1 - 2 sessions
This presentation explores such concepts as "ancient-future worship," the meaning of ritual, liturgy as group spiritual formation, and leadership as exposure to "masters of practice," to help leaders plan and lead public worship more effectively - with the goal of authentic spiritual formation in mind. (With more sessions, more experiential practice can be incorporated.)

Five Theological Turnings: 2-5 sessions
Many people think of "emerging church" as a matter of superficial style and form. But in reality, five profound - and sometimes disturbing - questions are being raised in the emergent conversation: What is the Theology? Is a Theory of Atonement the Center of the Gospel? How does the Bible function in a Post-Foundationalist Context? What is Christian Hope - both Within and Beyond History (Eschatology)? What Kind of God Do We Believe In? These questions are explored in ways that are accessible to both theologians and lay leaders - and are intended to stimulate honest and thoughtful dialogue, not argument.

Stages of Faith Development: 1 - 2 sessions
This presentation offers a four-stage faith-development process that integrates the work of several leading theorists. It is especially useful for people seeking to understand their own spiritual growth and struggles - and for those seeking to help others, including pastors, Christian educators, youth workers, and spiritual directors.

A Whole-Hearted Gospel: 1 session
This presentation is based on the famous passage in Malachi which calls us to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. It is an effective introduction to the relationship between social justice, relief and compassion work, and authentic spirituality.

The Three-Fold Way: 1 or 3 sessions
The monastic traditions of both the Western and Eastern churches have this in common: a three-fold way of spiritual formation. In either one or three sessions (the longer format allowing for extensive experiential practice), the presentation explores the via purgativa (katharsis), the via illuminative (fotosis), and the via unitiva (theosis). Especially helpful for those seeking to experience and lead others in deep spiritual formation.

What to Do With the Bible Other Than Study or Preach It: 1 -3 sessions
This presentation explains and offers practice in a number of pre-modern methods of engaging the Bible: lectio divina, ignatian reading, and contemplative reflection.

The Story We Find Ourselves In: 1 to 7 sessions
Whether in a one-session overview or in a seven-session in-depth engagement, this presentation offers an introduction to a narrative reading of the Bible based on a seven-episode telling of the Biblical story.

Six Kinds of Prayer: 2 -6 sessions
Depending on the amount of practice desired, this series can give a brief introduction or deep engagement with six kinds of prayer: intercession, petition, lament, contemplation, adoration, and thanksgiving.

Global Mission in the Postmodern World: 2 sessions
As a former mission agency board chair, as a grandson of pioneer African missionaries, and as someone who travels extensively and works closely with missionaries and missiologists, Brian has a unique perspective on the history of missions and the challenges facing global mission today. This session integrates his own thinking with that of Lesslie Newbigin, David Bosch, and others.

The Seven Jesuses I have Known: 1 - 2 sessions
This presentation, based on A Generous Orthodoxy, gives a positive overview of the ways in which seven traditions in the Christian faith seek to honor and follow Jesus.

More Ready Than You Realize: Evangelism in the Emerging Culture: 1-4 sessions This presentation, based on one of Brian's most popular books, uses a real-life email conversation to help people understand the questions, objections, fears, and needs of people in the emerging culture. This is one of Brian's most popular presentations.

Other topics available on request.