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Book Reviews

Brian's books have been reviewed in magazines, online publications, and blogs.

Reviews of The Secret Message of Jesus

Next Reformation by Len Hjalmarson

Book Pleasures by Penny Watkins

Spirituality & Practice By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

Relevant Magazine by Eric Hurtgen

Allelon by Andrew Careaga

Gathering in Light by Jarrod McKenna


Reviews of A Generous Orthodoxy

Beyond 'Right Thinking' by Ryan Beiler, Sojourners Magazine, February 2005


A Brotherly Critique & Response

There is no excess of civility in our public discourse these days, and sadly, that's too often the case in the world of the church too. This note from a respected theologian shows a very different tone, one that I think is much more in line with our message and mission. My responses are inserted
-- like this. - Brian

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Review of The Church on the Other Side

"We'd better listen to Brian McLaren if we want to bring the reality of Christ into the world as it is and the church as it now is."

Dallas Williard -- Author, The Spirit of the Disciplines

"This is a book about giving your church a 100,000-mile major tune-up and possible overhaul. The Church on the Other Side makes the process hopeful, purposeful, and doable."

Brad Smith -- President, Leadership Network

Reinventing the Church?: Today's Church can embrace postmodern suggestions without abandoning the truth of God's Word. By James Sherk, March 2005.